The only thing more depressing than the number on the scale is the thought of yet another diet. The struggle makes you weary. Which diet should you try this time? Join the gym...again? Buy some new exercise gadget? Even the "Never diet again!" promises gave you nothing to work with. Maintaining a stunning 170 lb. weight loss, Dagny Kight takes an unflinching look at what's kept you struggling, then takes aim with an action-focused approach to ignite the life transformation process.

Break the cycle of weight regain.
Release the grip of shame.
Escape the trap of endless dieting.
Stop searching for the meaning of food in your life.
Start finding meaning in your life!


    Declare Body Truth

    This book is going to be a game-changer for thousands of people.
    –Jen, Wisconsin

    I felt like the author could see right into my head a lot of time! If you're looking for a way to change your mindset and change your life, then give this one a read.
    –Michele, California

    I felt like I was reading about my life on every page.
    –Ashley, Georgia

    You could be a doctor, a PhD, it doesn't matter. If you've been there and come back, that's the expert.
    –Dr. M., Illinois

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