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Letting Go of a Relationship with Food

Whenever anyone talks about “emotional eating” they will inevitably say something about a “relationship with food.” If you have a weight problem, that is supposed to mean you treat food like it’s the best friend you desperately need to lean on and you’re hangin’ out together constantly. We’re told that we subconsciously invest food with …

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When My Food Brain Has a Mind of Its Own

Today I experienced something that I dread, something that happens to me that I hate more than anything I deal with in my life and I would give anything to be free of it. My favorite tea is Stash Chai Spice black tea. I get it at the Jewel grocery store down the street but …

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Building Muscle: Nasty Tricks Your Body Plays on You

I was flipping channels when I came upon a show about “the world’s strongest toddler.” Whoa. A little boy has a condition that causes superior muscular development. He’s just 3 and already has bulging biceps and washboard abs. He demonstrates the physical abilities of children twice his age who are at the high end of …

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Did Elle Magazine Cover Up Melissa McCarthy on Purpose?

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy is one of six cover models for Elle magazine’s annual “Women of Hollywood” issue. Much has been made of the fact that Melissa is shrouded in an oversize coat while five other stars show a lot more skin in their respective covers. Reese Witherspoon, whose most recent star turn was a drunken performance …

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Ruby Gettinger: Where is she now and what does she weigh?

Ruby Gettinger

Several months after completing a “90-Day Challenge” for a supplements company, Ruby Gettinger spoke to Oprah in an episode of the OWN series, “Where Are They Now.” Ruby says she weighs 316 which is down 13lbs from the weight she recorded at the end of the “challenge” in April. The interview was interesting because she’s …

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Mocked for Being Too Thin? What It Says About Fat Shaming


In an interview with HuffPostLive, television personality Giuliana Rancic describes how she endures taunts for her extreme thinness in social media. The interviewer seems to be suggesting that Rancic is very thin as a result of having battled cancer but she looks about the same today as she did before her diagnosis. Rancic wants to …

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“Turned to Food for Comfort” What Does It Really Mean?

Few expressions make me bristle more than someone saying they or someone else “turned to food for comfort” as the “reason” why a person is overweight. This has become a way to say that someone is fat because there’s something wrong with them and that wrong thing is their inability to control themselves around food …

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The Four Things Wrong with Every Weight Loss Diet

Every “breakthrough” diet promises it’s the one that will work! I went on “diets” for decades. They never worked. I lost half my bodyweight and kept it off when I stopped “going on a diet.” It happened when I realized what had always been wrong about EVERY diet I ever tried. Hunger does not matter. …

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Why that Weight Loss Magic Bullet Just Might Work


We’ve all been seduced by the promises of a “magic bullet.” I happen to work in two fields that are overwhelmed with programs and plans for quick results and low effort—Finance and weight management. Get rich quick! Lose weight quick! Make thousands in just minutes a day! Get ripped in just minutes a day! It’s …

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Rebel Wilson: Hollywood’s New Professional Fat Girl


Australian comedienne and actress Rebel Wilson debuted her new American sitcom last night. I had high hopes that “Super Fun Night” wouldn’t be an abysmal spew of fat jokes; Rebel seems far too talented for that and it really hasn’t been her style. The show, which she wrote and co-executive produced, accomplished what few comedies featuring …

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