Monthly Archive: June 2014

Mo’Nique Decides Being Fabulous and Thick is Not So Great


Oscar-winning actress and stand-up comedian Mo’Nique once declared that “Skinny bitches must be destroyed!” But her days of hosting beauty pageants for women she called Fabulous And Thick seem to be over. Mo’Nique is now churning out a constant stream of fitspiration tweets with pics of her pumping iron and doing burpees. “Sisters please believe your …

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Considering the Priority of Food in Your Life


I felt it was a personal breakthrough several years ago when I realized that a key to managing my weight was considering the priority of food in my life. I’d been hearing forever about how I should define my “relationship” with food, learn to “savor” food and eat “mindfully.” Any discussion of weight loss was always …

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How Do You Define Healthy Food Choices When Eating Out?

We might like to think we can make healthy food choices when eating out but I admit to being a little shocked at a discussion thread I saw about an odd thing called a “restaurant card.” Weight loss surgery patients get “cards” from their surgeon to say that they had surgery and can eat only …

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Is It Binge Eating or Just Eating?

Figurative painter Lee Price creates hyperrealistic images to explore women’s relationships to food. When a friend showed me this particular assemblage of paintings, my response was to be intrigued. But after googling a few interviews with the artist, I was feeling somewhat offended, not by the paintings but by how they are being viewed and interpreted. You can look …

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A Critical Reason NOT to Read on the Treadmill

Look at that seat! This thing's practically a lounge chair.

I saw a Facebook thread about what folks were reading on the treadmill. It’s pretty common that people will try to zone out while doing cardio. Their focus is just putting in the time. Maybe that works OK for them but for those of us who deal with serious weight, we need to realize other benefits …

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Downsides to Losing Weight No One Talks About


Your life will be PERFECT when you drop a ton of weight, right? It’s life changing! Yes, it does change your life in a lot of ways but there are downsides to losing weight that are rarely talked about. We’re more familiar with the warnings that your life WON’T necessarily be all “fixed” after a …

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What’s Your Fantasy of What Happens When You Lose Weight?


I happened upon a blog on called the Anti-Diet Project. The author looks to be twenty-something, quite attractive, really photogenic, very smart, and yes, dealing with a bit of extra weight. She’s writing about learning to put the focus on health by exercising every day and changing her eating habits. She hopes to lose …

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