Monthly Archive: July 2014

What Makes You Disciplined May Be What Makes You Fat

When you have to get something done, do you go “all out”? If you have a project to complete, are you highly focused until it’s finished? When you undertake to learn something new, do you soon become an expert? I believe that what can make you a disciplined person can also contribute to making your …

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Adipotide, Once Thought Holy Grail of Weight Loss, Falls Off Radar

Back in 2011, the hot news in obesity research was Adipotide. This peptide would target adipose tissue and destroy the blood supply, essentially KILLING fat cells. Not like those stupid scam ads, this stuff was intended to be a fat Terminator and KILL FAT CELLS for real! It sounded like a Holy Grail for weight loss …

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A Medical Weight Loss Plan in America is Just a Fad Diet


I happened to see an ad for Medifast, a medical weight loss plan. The photo in the ad looked like some kind of giant chocolate chip cookie. I checked the Medifast website and it WAS a giant chocolate chip cookie. It was THIS chocolate chip cookie. Large enough that it’s suggested you should eat it with …

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Does Weight Loss Surgery Cure Diabetes?


Could weight loss surgery cure diabetes? We’ve been hearing talk of this for several years now and the Cleveland Clinic is publicizing the findings of their latest study that shows WLS is reversing Type 2 diabetes in patients. Still, researchers are reluctant to start bandying the C word about. Calling surgery a cure would be …

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Uncovering the History of Fat Acceptance: Lew Louderback’s 1967 Article

Lew Louderback was darn angry. He was a fat guy with a fat wife and fat people were being discriminated against and unfairly judged quite severely so he did something about it. He unleashed a scathing critique on the treatment of fat Americans that appeared in a national magazine. He exposed some pretty awful truths. And they were true. …

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