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Managing Your Weight May Be the Toughest Thing You Ever Do


“Help yourself to happiness.” That’s the advertising slogan for a chain of buffet restaurants where you can keep going back for seconds, thirds, ninths, as much as you want, for one price. We are supposed to eat food. We’re supposed to like it, crave it, and yes, feel comforted and satisfied by eating it. The …

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Think Like a Thin Person: A Tale of Two Thin Women

My Mom and Dad

My mother is a very thin person. She always has been. Except for two pregnancies, her weight has been stable her entire life. She credits that consistency, in part, for her exceptional health at 77 years old. She has a natural high energy level and is most comfortable when she keeps busy and moving. She …

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Eating in Moderation Doesn’t Work for Everybody

I went to see this year’s Oscar winner for Best Picture, “12 Years a Slave.” I knew it would be an intense film but I was not prepared for how upset I’d be when it was over! I think I was caught up in the drama and then it all hit me at the end. …

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What Do Weight Loss Motivation & Inspiration Really Do for Us?

A meme I saw on Facebook depicted two people sitting in a train car. One stared blankly out the window at the rocky side of a mountain; the other smiled out at a bright, sunny landscape. It read “Every day we have a choice.” The power of positive thinking. Being optimistic. Do we really always …

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Dealing with Food Brain & Food Cravings: Holiday Edition

Shoma Morita

My food brain is so sneaky. It knows Thanksgiving is approaching and it’s conjuring up all kinds of thoughts about food cravings! What creeps into my mind the most recently are thoughts of going off on a binge because Thanksgiving is going to be a lost cause, a super indulgent day. I am easily suppressing …

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Accepting the Reality of Change and Weight Management

I was at a party this weekend and hanging out in a sitting room with a few other guests when a woman began talking about a book she claimed changed her life. She said because of this book she hadn’t been sick in years. The author, a medical doctor, claims that we can experience physical …

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When My Food Brain Has a Mind of Its Own

Today I experienced something that I dread, something that happens to me that I hate more than anything I deal with in my life and I would give anything to be free of it. My favorite tea is Stash Chai Spice black tea. I get it at the Jewel grocery store down the street but …

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Mocked for Being Too Thin? What It Says About Fat Shaming


In an interview with HuffPostLive, television personality Giuliana Rancic describes how she endures taunts for her extreme thinness in social media. The interviewer seems to be suggesting that Rancic is very thin as a result of having battled cancer but she looks about the same today as she did before her diagnosis. Rancic wants to …

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The Four Things Wrong with Every Weight Loss Diet

Every “breakthrough” diet promises it’s the one that will work! I went on “diets” for decades. They never worked. I lost half my bodyweight and kept it off when I stopped “going on a diet.” It happened when I realized what had always been wrong about EVERY diet I ever tried. Hunger does not matter. …

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If It’s Not Emotional Eating, Why DID You Get Fat?

If I’m going to make the case against the idea that very overweight people are all “broken” and filled with self-loathing, indulging in emotional eating all the way to serious obesity because of stress or trauma they’re struggling to deal with, then why do I think people get very fat and why do they stay …

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