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Fat Acceptance is for Young People

I just had my 55th birthday. I’ve maintained my weight loss for going on a decade now. What I think about the most often is how grateful I am that I am not dealing with a weight problem at my age. I think about the state of my health when I was 44 and I can’t …

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Think Like a Thin Person: A Tale of Two Thin Women

My Mom and Dad

My mother is a very thin person. She always has been. Except for two pregnancies, her weight has been stable her entire life. She credits that consistency, in part, for her exceptional health at 77 years old. She has a natural high energy level and is most comfortable when she keeps busy and moving. She …

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Letting Go and Letting In Lifestyle Changes That Last

A lot of people I’ve talked to through the years will cite some particular experience or influence in their lives that they credit for “why” they finally got their weight under control after years of struggle and failure. But here’s what actually happens: We bring permanent lifestyle changes into our lives when we accept what …

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New Year’s Resolutions for Taking Control of Your Weight

It’s the first week of 2014 and New Year’s resolutions are in full swing! I saw a news report that going on a diet is not the top resolution that it used to be. Probably many people have realized how many years they started out with every intention and met with failure. Instead of resolutions, …

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Dealing with Food Brain & Food Cravings: Holiday Edition

Shoma Morita

My food brain is so sneaky. It knows Thanksgiving is approaching and it’s conjuring up all kinds of thoughts about food cravings! What creeps into my mind the most recently are thoughts of going off on a binge because Thanksgiving is going to be a lost cause, a super indulgent day. I am easily suppressing …

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Accepting the Reality of Change and Weight Management

I was at a party this weekend and hanging out in a sitting room with a few other guests when a woman began talking about a book she claimed changed her life. She said because of this book she hadn’t been sick in years. The author, a medical doctor, claims that we can experience physical …

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Weight—and Weight Denial—Weigh Heavy

We can deny an awful lot of things in our lives and find ways to believe what we want. We can carry on these deceptions for a shockingly long time and often get away with it! But deceiving ourselves with weight denial carries its own penalty. There’s nowhere to hide. If someone says they’re losing …

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Eat Chocolate and Lose Weight!!

There’s a post title that should grab me some curious readers and for sure will get me found in search engines!  With every blog post I write, I purposefully and carefully choose a title I hope will draw readers. That’s the whole point of the title. If you’re reading, the title’s done its job. But …

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Weight Loss Claims: Do You Have a Right to Be Lied To?

How much do you think you are influenced by the media? Has marketing and advertising affected how you’ve tried to take control of your weight? Most definitely. We’ve all bought products, we’ve all bought gadgets, we’ve all tried programs. Even when we think we’re finally getting smart, some product will come along with a pitch …

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Weight & Fat: Contradictions in Correctness


I love the First Lady. I really do. But I read an interview in which she joins in doing something that I think creates an aspect of denial to the difficulty some of us endure in managing our weight. It’s a contradiction with roots in political correctness. In an interview in Women’s Health magazine, Michelle …

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