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What Makes You Disciplined May Be What Makes You Fat

When you have to get something done, do you go “all out”? If you have a project to complete, are you highly focused until it’s finished? When you undertake to learn something new, do you soon become an expert? I believe that what can make you a disciplined person can also contribute to making your …

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Considering the Priority of Food in Your Life


I felt it was a personal breakthrough several years ago when I realized that a key to managing my weight was considering the priority of food in my life. I’d been hearing forever about how I should define my “relationship” with food, learn to “savor” food and eat “mindfully.” Any discussion of weight loss was always …

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Downsides to Losing Weight No One Talks About


Your life will be PERFECT when you drop a ton of weight, right? It’s life changing! Yes, it does change your life in a lot of ways but there are downsides to losing weight that are rarely talked about. We’re more familiar with the warnings that your life WON’T necessarily be all “fixed” after a …

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What’s Your Fantasy of What Happens When You Lose Weight?


I happened upon a blog on Refinery29.com called the Anti-Diet Project. The author looks to be twenty-something, quite attractive, really photogenic, very smart, and yes, dealing with a bit of extra weight. She’s writing about learning to put the focus on health by exercising every day and changing her eating habits. She hopes to lose …

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Managing Your Weight May Be the Toughest Thing You Ever Do


“Help yourself to happiness.” That’s the advertising slogan for a chain of buffet restaurants where you can keep going back for seconds, thirds, ninths, as much as you want, for one price. We are supposed to eat food. We’re supposed to like it, crave it, and yes, feel comforted and satisfied by eating it. The …

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Building the Exercise Habit


I committed myself to doing a kind of exercise “experiment” so since May 1 I’ve been doing a cardio workout session every day. I admit I don’t normally do structured exercise every day of the week. But to manage my weight for the rest of my life, I have to accept the reality that I will have …

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Forget Activia! Make Your Own Yogurt


Yogurt is so pervasive and commonplace, you may not realize that Dannon first started marketing it aggressively in the United States only in the mid-seventies! The first commercials suggested that yogurt was the secret to longevity among Soviet centenarians. Since then, yogurt has exploded in America as a “health food” with specialty brands targeting children …

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Can You Manipulate Your Tastes?

I spent years immersed in junk food and fake food. I never cooked. Not for real. I might buy something that needed heating up. I drank so much Pepsi that I rarely drank water. I ate doughnuts for breakfast, fast food for lunch, and take out for dinner. Cookies, chips, and candy bars all day. …

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Do You Still Believe in Weight Loss Scams?

Last week here in Chicago, King of the scammers Kevin Trudeau was convicted of fraud and sentenced to 10 years in jail. Clad in an orange prison jumpsuit, Trudeau stood before the judge and insisted “If I ever write a book again, if I ever do another infomercial again, I promise no embellishment, no puffery, …

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Letting Go and Letting In Lifestyle Changes That Last

A lot of people I’ve talked to through the years will cite some particular experience or influence in their lives that they credit for “why” they finally got their weight under control after years of struggle and failure. But here’s what actually happens: We bring permanent lifestyle changes into our lives when we accept what …

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