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Does Weight Loss Surgery Cure Diabetes?


Could weight loss surgery cure diabetes? We’ve been hearing talk of this for several years now and the Cleveland Clinic is publicizing the findings of their latest study that shows WLS is reversing Type 2 diabetes in patients. Still, researchers are reluctant to start bandying the C word about. Calling surgery a cure would be …

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Why I Am an Advocate for Weight Loss Surgery

I already write with some regularity about weight loss surgery but some issues have arisen this week that prompt me to write yet again! For people with 100 lbs or more to lose, it’s a reality of life now that their doctor will talk to them about weight loss surgery and/or they will consider it …

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Weight Bias is Limiting Access to Weight Loss Surgery

I read an article today written by a doctor who found himself examining his sense of bias when he was faced with a 600 lb patient in the emergency room. Nurses and technicians around him made snide remarks and a surgeon made it clear he wanted to find a way to foist the patient off …

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Criticism of Weight Loss Surgery is Vicious Fat Shaming

weight loss surgery

Why should anyone care if someone else has weight loss surgery? It would not seem to be loaded with the controversial moral implications that complicate other healthcare issues like abortion, birth control, or euthanasia. There aren’t any religious admonitions against losing weight. So why all the scathing blog posts, militant opposition, and vitriolic criticism? “It’s …

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Cracked.com is Your Accurate Source for Health Information

Cracked.com will surprise you. Sure it alternates between hilarious and fascinating with articles like “Five Famous People You Won’t Believe Didn’t Really Exist.” But sometimes Cracked.com posts some really interesting stuff, like today’s article inspired by the recent Chris Christie news “According to Science, Fat is Officially Incurable.” The whole point is summed up in …

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Is a Weight Problem All in your Head?

Who knows you best? Your Mom? Your significant other? Your best friend since third grade? How about YOU? Aren’t you the expert on YOU? Of course! It seemed like this week I happened to come across more presumptuous “experts” than usual. There’s the big story of the week, pompous ass Daniel Callahan, founder of a …

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WLS, the “Easy Way Out”—The Definitive Response

I happened to see a photo of Carnie Wilson today and it hit me. It’s so obvious. The definitive response to shut down any idiot who insists that weight loss surgery is the “easy way out.” She failed. Carnie Wilson was a weight loss surgery failure. She gained a load of weight back and had …

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Realities of Weight Loss Surgery

Today I saw a blog comment that felt like a dagger to the heart. I monitor a great many blogs through RSS feed. This comment was to a physician’s post about weight loss surgery on a gastroenterology blog. The person commenting was bemoaning a significant regain following weight loss surgery, “My problem is, I thought it would always …

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Being WLS “Pro-Choice”!

Yes I’m Pro-Choice! And proud of it! If we’re talking about reproductive rights, I don’t see “pro-choice” as pro-abortion. I see it as PRO CHOICE. As in, give people choices and let them decide. It’s not my business. When we take choices away from people, then we ARE trying to tell them how they can …

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